Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sad Day @ Country Wings In Phoenix

A sad day here at Country Wings in Phoenix.
13 years ago a little furry friend came into our lives.
I named him Bruiser, but called him "Handsome".
Tony called him "Face". He was a BEST friend.

On July 8, 2013, at 4:15pm Bruiser crossed over
the Rainbow Bridge.
He stayed as long as he could.
He had just celebrated his 13th birthday on
July 2, 2013. I cannot begin to tell you the pain
that Tony and I have endured this last week.
Bruiser loved life, playing ball was his passion.
He sat right at our sides, and seemed to know
when we were sad, and licked us when we needed
a lift. He greeted everyone that came, he thought
they were coming to see him.

The grandkids always said,
"Bruiser does not know he is a D-O-G."

He didn't. He thought he was a little boy.
I have missed the jingling of his tags,

the tap of his little toenails on the tile,
and his voice. Yes he did talk. He never could
figure out the little boy in the pool that he saw
each time he looked in.

On top of everything. I fell off of a ladder,
two weeks ago, and broke my foot in two
places. I am in a boot for 8 weeks while it
heals. No driving, as it is my right. I hate

having to rely on anyone. Haven't been out
much, but with the heat, I guess I don't
need out anyway.

You know how they say it comes in threes.
Well it has. Somehow, one of the main wires
to the battery, got on the manifold and caused
a fire under the hood in the truck. I stood in the
Phoenix heat for 2 1/2 hours waiting on a tow
truck. They were able to repair the truck to

the tune of $512.00. Sometimes we just wonder
where the blue skies are. I know they are out
there and things will look brighter tomorrow.

It has just been a rough week. Keep me in your
prayers my precious friends. Pleeeezzzzzzz.

As always, thank you for stopping by,
my little piece of heaven,
here in the desert, that I so love to call home.
Country hugs and much love,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What the heck?

Last week while working in the garden, planting away, I heard a loud SWISH from the sky, and then a large SPLASH in the pool. I had my back to the pool, so when I spun around, ducking as I did. I saw this:
And heard:
"Quack, quack, quack."
As if to tell me that was a rough landing.
They made one heck of a big splash.

They hopped out, and took a stroll about the
yard. Checked things out, quacking all the
way around. Here and there. Hopped back in.

Swam back out to the area of the yard that
I was in. Quacked a little, and as quickly
as they landed in the pool, they took off
from the water and were gone. They stopped
by Country Wings in Phoenix to cool 
off before they continued on their
journey home for the summer. I am still
laughing as I look at the photos. What a
start they gave me. 
Hope you are having a great week. Thank you
as always, for stopping by my little piece
of heaven here in the desert, that I so love
to call home.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Country Wings Is Back...

Hi Sweet Friends. Oh how I have missed you all.  I lost my mojo for awhile. I think she has came back to me. So much has happened since my last write.

The grands have grown as you can see. They now range in age from 2-17. (3 in High School, 2 in Junior High, 2 in grade school, and 1 in pre-school.) So much fun. This was our Easter photo. Absolutely priceless.

Elyse our oldest is leaving for Washington, D.C. in a couple of weeks. She is going to be doing an internship. We are SO proud of her. She was chosen out of so, so many applications. While we will miss her horribly, GO Elyse, we are so proud of you. This is Elyse, she's our oldest grandchild, along with James our youngest.

The trees have came alive in our yard, and I just had to share. I was so tickled when the face arrived. I was trying to match the bark on our tree. I did a pretty good job. The eyes and teeth glow in the dark. The jacaranda has never looked so great.

Gardens are smiling with happiness. Laughter all around.

Color popping up everywhere, and a little magic hidden in.

I took a little time out to put in the gardens. They needed some help after the one really hard freeze. Yes in the desert. Lost a lot of plants. The spaces have already tripled since the pictures were taken. Just wanted to share Country Wings in Phoenix.
I hope you have enjoyed stepping out with me today.
As always, thank you for stopping by my little piece of heaven, here in the desert, that I so love to call home. Country hugs and SO, SO much love,